It Could Be Me

Spent part of the day helping to prepare and serve food for over 60 people at the York Rescue Mission with York Young Professionals. While dishing out some delicious Shepherd’s Pie, I was reminded of this simple thought that it could be me. I am truly blessed, and it wouldn’t take much to lose it all. It could be me on the other side of the serving line, but likewise part of the solution could be me, could be you.

The song paraphrases James 2:17 this way: ‎”Faith amounts to nothing when we just pray prayers but never move to care.” – James 2:17 (paraphrased). Love others as yourself. Go and do likewise!

Found Some Great New Choir Music!

I direct the chancel choir at Salem UCC in Dover, and I’m always looking for new music for them to sing. I found this video of the senior adult choir at Fort Smith’s First Baptist Church in Fort Smith, AR showing some very innovative choir anthems that should appeal to today’s generation!

Ok ok, before I get nasty phone calls please know this is a joke! The church put this video together to show at a youth event about talent, and it was meant to bridge generational divide and inject a little humor.

Words Matter

Whether for marketing, ministry, or just having a conversation, the words you choose make a big difference. Proverbs 18:21 speaks to the power of what we say for good or ill– it’s your choice. Further, with our society so inundated by media, we are trained to ignore bad copy simply because there is so much of it. So if you want to get your message out, you need to make sure to communicate it effectively.

This video illustrates what a difference can make when you take the same message but present in a different way.

Via Digital Evangelism Isues